The ACGME Milestones: a Big Data Problem

There are hundreds of milestone checkpoints for each resident. What software are you  using to track this deluge of data?

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Easy, Automated Data Collection & Collation

Rapidly organize your administrators, faculty, and residents milestones data collection. Use our automated surveys, data collation, and reporting tools.


Browser, Smartphone, and Text Messaging

Maximize your faculty completion rates by giving them every option to complete their milestones. With Simple Milestones, faculty can complete surveys via web browsers, smartphones, and even text messaging.

Using our state-of-the-art platform, faculty easily complete 20-question surveys in under 60 seconds.

Designed for Residency Program Administrators

Save your administrators hours with our clean, powerful interfaces. Administrators can enroll faculty & residents, assign milestones, and set automatic survey notifications in just a few minutes. Our advanced tools allow admins to view survey completion rates, and to re-prompt faculty and residents to drive program compliance.


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